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What Elon Musk Does Differently?

Elon Musk, the Pretoria South Africa born entrepreneur, tech giant, who graduated from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania is known for his unrivalled success in domains of high-speed electric cars (Tesla), aerospace (SpaceX), renewable energy (Solar City), and also the online payment system (PayPal).

Due to his large list of Elon Musk achievements, people often ask,” What does Elon do so differently than others?”. Many claim that because he was nerdy from his childhood and intelligent, which is why he has made such a huge name, but I bet that similar, even greater intelligence, love for technology, hard work, is shown by many, intelligent personality or character, but none of them has built this enormous empire in such a short time( Comparing to other multi-billion dollar businesses).

So here I attempt to answer this question based on his interviews and also try to explain his life-approach, vision, and mindset.

His Vision

When talking about the visionary Musk one must look for what others let fall between the cracks. It is vital to acknowledge this crucial point that has bifurcated many geniuses throughout history from the common folks. So let’s try to understand his vision.

Terra-forming Mars

There is a similar image to the one above at his office, it tells about his vision for the future. Whether this would materialise is not the point, but the point is that he views the world in terms of possibilities.

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Musk was so introspective that he would be lost in his thoughts and would take no notice of his surroundings. His reflective nature made his parents believe that he was deaf, This helped him envision his dreams. By this, he could only focus on a particular task, and block out all the distractions.

One Step At A Time

Sailing against the wind, he does one thing contrary to the accepted notion, that is taking one step at a time. In an interview, he said that he focuses on one thing at a time and this makes him much more effective.

The goals are just stepping stones towards the vision, not a final place to be, many of us consider these ‘stepping stones’ our end of the journey, and feel like a winner but this sensation is short-lived. This tendency in Homo sapiens is known as Hedonic Treadmill.

def:-The tendency to quickly return to a stable state of happiness, despite major positive or negative events or life changes.

‘The Physicist’ Inside Him

He speculates thinks by a method, famously known as reasoning by first principles contrary to reasoning by analogy, which most of us do.

Reasoning by analogy is the notion which we have followed right from our conception, that is copying or trying to do things analogous to what others have usually done in similar situations i.e. people with a fixed mindset, which might be useful sometimes, but it does not facilitate in growth of our innovative mind and contrary to it is reasoning by first principles, which is basically breaking down the problem to its most fundamental truths and reason up from there.

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Here, check out this video

Work Ethics and Daily Routine

Elon Musk follows a very stringent routine and tries to optimize and make the most out of his time.

Here is the list of a few things that he does.

  1. He gets enough sleep.

  2. He limits meetings to only parties that are 100% necessary.

  3. He uses “first principles thinking”.

  4. He tries to avoid calls whenever possible.

  5. He jumps straight into an 80+ hour workweek.

The Weekends

His weekends are less boisterous than the rest of the week. On the second last day of the week, he might work on SpaceX, in order to complete his weekly target.

But on the last day of the week, he spends time with his kids and family, but you shouldn’t assume that he is all loosen up, probably he spends the time writing emails and completing other less tiring tasks (as compared to ordinary days).

Despite his tightly packed routine, Musk spends his time in the gym each week and keeps his mental health fit by reading often. So, one can say that he doesn’t even waste a second.

Pretty much his entire life could be summarised by one line that is optimised utilisation of time towards his goal and if you want to win in life, make winning a habit.

Check out this video for a better understanding.

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