• Suryansh Tiwari

The Story Behind SpaceX Success: Elon Musk

Dragon, Falcon Heavy, Starlink are some well-known names. These are the Mainstream projects of SpaceX, a brainchild of the Entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Found in the year 2002 with the aim to commercialize the world of aerospace engineering and space travel. The start and inspiration of this company is as quirky and unique as Elon Musk himself.

Musk had the vision of growing plants on the Martian surface but when he talked to the Russian space mission about cheap rockets he realized they were quite expensive, inspiration struck him like lightning and he decided to make a company himself, and thus born was a company which would soon be known as SpaceX.

SpaceX: The Falcon 9 is one of its test launches

With a slight competition from Blue Origins and Boeing, SpaceX sure has paved its way as the most economical and efficient private aerospace company. However, it wasn’t an easy start for both the company and Elon Musk.

With continuous failure and inability to successfully launch early missions because of the added challenge of landing them back on the planet, created distrust in the investors who were failing to see the vision of “Reusable Rocket”, and soon the fall of the company seemed inevitable.

But the tables turned at what could potentially be the last launch. The launch not only successful, helped them regain the investor's trust again. Meanwhile, this happened, Elon Musk had even bigger dreams, I,e to go to mars and establish the first colony there.

This undying dream just lead them to go forward even faster

The success of the recent mission helped him cross the first hurdle, a manned mission, which also helped American Astronauts to launch from American soil after nearly two decades. The success meant two different things

  • · The SpaceX was right on track when it came to their future missions, the success of manned mission meant their biosphere and launch systems were ready to host pilots and astronauts who’ll lead the future missions.

  • · The success of this mission is a big political win for the USA and NASA, for the last 15 years and more NASA had to rely on the Russian Space mission, while NASA focused on research missions. With SpaceX being capable NASA can strike a much cheaper deal and a long partnership if they’re lucky.

SpaceX Launch Video

The first time Falcon 9 successfully landed back

The interesting thing here is upcoming space missions like the Japanese and ISRO which are relatively lower budget ones will significantly have an increased competition which will turn into partnerships in the future if both the sides play their cards correctly.

SpaceX has definitely come a long way from a failing aerospace company to one of the frontrunners in the world of aerospace engineering and space travel.

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